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From Horror Marketing to Anxiety Marketing (II)

"There is no harm without comparison." Human beings have the instinct to compare since ancient times. The first murder of human beings recorded in the Bible is also due to the comparison: Adam’s son, Cain, because his brother Abel offered more tributes than himself, so killed him. Nowadays, with the increasingly fierce social competition, various economic pressures are coming, people's comparison psychology is more common, and the social media of the new media has boosted people's anxiety. The popular young people's words or pictures with decadence, pessimism and other emotions are a new situation of youth subculture, reflecting the current spiritual characteristics and collective anxiety of young people. Under anxiety, these young people lose their goals and hopes, and are trapped in the muds of decadence and despair.

Japan’s leading management scientist Daisuke Kenichi also suggested that Japan has fallen into a "low-desire society". check here.A new generation of young people in Japan has no desires, no dreams, no enthusiasm, no real estate speculation, no stock trading, etc, and only have a mobile phone around of their lives. In an era of anxiety, many businesses have seized the psychology of the public and started to do anxiety marketing. The "curling iron" launched by Dyson Company is priced at RMB 3,690, which is more than ten times that of ordinary curling irons. This is expensive. Some people even said: If your boyfriend suddenly said that he likes your straight hair today, it is likely that he does not want to buy you the new Dyson curling iron! However, even such a high price has attracted many people to buy. This is of course not only because the function of this product is practical, but more importantly, Dyson's designers have grasped people's show-off mentality, and they are particularly exquisite in product design and full of technology. This kind of "forced" is easy to spread on the Internet. The first thing many people bought Dyson's curling iron is to show off on the WeChat. When you reach this goal, the anxiety disappears instantly.

Anxiety marketing is also common in the field of knowledge payment. In the era of the Big Bang, people are eager to learn the most accurate and useful knowledge to change themselves and succeed. Therefore, smart merchants also cater to their needs when introducing their course products. Write in the title: 10 workplace courses that you should master, or the road to wealth freedom. Every time I see this kind of title, always can strike a chord. People who are eager to succeed and want to change their destiny are so excited that they can't wait to buy a course. Anxiety can only be alleviated if you are on the road to successful learning. The society is changing, the market is changing, and the marketing methods are constantly changing. From horror marketing to anxiety marketing, different marketing methods fit the corresponding social form. The brand of the enterprise should also be like this. Only in line with the market trend and the changes in the social form can we stand out in the complex market competition.

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