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Grow Together with the ''New Kinetic Energy''(I)

Recently, China Merchants Bank held the 2018 China Merchants Bank Technology Finance Ecological Cooperation Forum in Shenzhen, officially releasing the ''China Merchants Bank Science and Technology Finance Ecology Cooperation Declaration''. 30 well-known equity investment fund management companies, securities companies, law firms, accounting firms and enterprise service providers from all over the country became the first institutions to join the ''China Merchants Bank Technology Finance Cooperation Alliance''.check here

The science and technology financial ecological cooperation is a powerful measure for China Merchants Bank to further upgrade the service content of ''Thousand Eagles Spread Wings''. "Thousand Eagles Spread Wings" opened the first of the "investment and loan linkage, the combination of stocks and bonds." On this basis, eco-cooperation establishes an integrated service system for all-round organic, interactive and efficient technology enterprises by integrating the advantages of various service entities in the growth of enterprises.

The Science and Technology Finance Cooperation Alliance will mainly serve small and medium-sized enterprises. It is an important embodiment of China Merchants Bank's practical actions to help the development of private enterprises. Representatives of Dachen Venture Capital, China Merchants Securities, Deheng Law Firm and other institutions expressed their willingness to join the alliance, and proposed that they will work closely with China Merchants Bank in the future to jointly support the growth of more SMEs.

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