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Programming Language C (I)

Code and programming, we may discuss this topic from some basic code language such as C language. C language is a general computer programming language, which is widely used in the underlying development. C language is designed to provide a programming language that compiles and processes low-level memory in an easy way, generates a small amount of machine code, and runs without any running environment support.

Development History

C language is a process-oriented computer programming language, which is different from C++, Java and other object-oriented programming languages. Its compilers mainly include Clang, GCC, WIN-TC, SUBLIME, MSVC, Turbo C and so on.check here

C Language is named C because C Language comes from B Language, invented by Ken Thompson, and B Language is from BCPL. In 1967, Martin Richards of the University of Cambridge simplified the CPL language and produced the BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language).

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